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ng2-material is a set of components built on top of @angular/material.

Check out the examples site for demos and instructions on getting started.

IMPORTANT: This project is provided as-is, and no commercial level of support is given to it. If you find an issue and would like to submit a fix, please open a Pull Request with your suggested changes.

ALSO IMPORTANT If you are new to Angular2 and in search of a set of material components, please visit @angular/material and come back here when you need a component not offered by the official package.


ng2-material components are checked against Sauce Test Status

The tests exercise roughly Coverage Status of the code on each browser


This project is based on the components and styles defined in the Angular Material and Angular 2 projects.


ng2-material is an open source project sponsored by JetBrains. Most of ng2-material has been built in WebStorm, an excellent IDE for angular2 and Typescript development.

Major project contributors are eligible to be granted an all-products JetBrains license, for development of ng2-material.


This project is MIT licensed.