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    A simple seed for ng2 libraries

    This is a simple starter-kit to create your own external 3rd party library. It's useful to separte code you will need across multiple apps.

    How to get started?

    • Clone or download this repo
    • Modify the file package.json according to your needs
    • Under src create all the modules/components/... you need
    • Re-export them in index.ts for easier access

    Installation with Angular CLI

    If you're trying this out locally the easiest way is to link your library locally. To do so, inside a terminal/cmd, go to the root folder of your library and type npm link. Now over at your apps root folder just install it with npm link name-of-your-library.

    If you've published your library already to npm's registry, you should be fine with simply running: npm install --save name-of-your-library.

    Unit Testing

    In order to run unit-tests create those in feature-oriented style next to the to be tested items inside the src folder. Make sure the files end with *.spec.ts.

    To run the unit tests run: npm test


    npm i ng2-librarization

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