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Admin panel framework based on Angular 2, Bootstrap 4 and Webpack

Admin template made with ❤️ by Akveo team. Follow us on Twitter to get latest news about this template first!


Sky Blue

Live Demo

Angular 1.x version

Here you can find Angular 1.x based version: Blur Admin


Installation, customization and other useful articles:

Based on

Angular 2, Bootstrap 4, Webpack and lots of awesome modules and plugins

How can I support developers?

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Can I hire you guys?

Yes! Visit our homepage or simply leave us a note to We will be happy to work with you!


  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • Responsive layout
  • High resolution
  • Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework
  • Sass
  • Angular 2
  • jQuery
  • Charts (Chartist, Chart.js)
  • Maps (Google, Leaflet, amMap)
  • and many more!


MIT license.

From akveo

Enjoy 🤘 We're always happy to hear your feedback!