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If you are a user of @ngrx libs, check this generator! This will help you to save time by creating an architecture for your ngrx files.

  • Create an entity is easy. Just provide a name and it will generate all the files!
  • Create a router-serializer to use @ngrx/router-store.
  • Provide a module to easily import all the reducers, effects and services in your Angular app.
  • MetaReducer: non-invasive logger in development.
  • Mainly inspired by the ngrx styleguide
  • Use the latest Angular HttpClient.
  • Use lettable operators in Rxjs.
  • Provide unit tests.


@ngrx/store@^5.0.0 // Required
@ngrx/effects@^5.0.1 // Required
@ngrx/entity@^5.0.1 // Optional but recommended. (Required if you generate entity)
ngrx-store-freeze // Optional but recommended. Useful to prevent state mutation.

Getting Started


Install it via npm:

npm install -g ngx-reduxor

or with Yarn:

yarn global add ngx-reduxor

Locally in a project

Install it via npm:

npm install ngx-reduxor --save-dev

or with Yarn:

yarn add --dev ngx-reduxor


If you want to install it locally, you have to add the following in your package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "ngx-reduxor": "ngx-reduxor"

If installed globally, you can directly use the Generator like the Angular CLI.
The first time you launch the generator, it will create a new file for the configuration:

Option Description Type Default
BASE_PATH Path to put the generated files String './src/app/store'
SEPARATE_DIRECTORY If true, separate each action, reducer, service,... In their own folder Boolean false
IGNORE_SPEC If true, skip generation of spec files Boolean false


You need to use the generator at the root of your project.

If installed globally:



npm run ngx-reduxor

Import to your Angular application

A module is created once you generate your first ngrx files. This module contains all the necessary: Reducers, interfaces, meta-reducers, effects,... You just need to import the module inside the AppModule and it will expose the store in your application.

import { StoreReduxorModule } from './path/to/your/store-reduxor.module';
imports: [

Generate Entity

If you want to generate an entity, you need to provide the singular of the name. After, you will be asked to provide the plural of this name in order to correctly generate the files.

Generate router-serializer

To use this feature:

  • You firstly need to generate your first store object. So that, the module and the required files (,...) are created.
  • Ensure you have @ngrx/router-store installed in your project and existing in your package.json.

If these two conditions are met, you will be able to generate the router-serializer (it also update store-reduxor.module and with routerReducer ect)


Special thanks to contributors for their hard work!! 🙏 Do you want to contribute? Check the Contributor Guide


Don't hesitate to send a PR or to contribute to this project. If you have suggestion or a problem, feel free to open an issue.


npm i ng-tds-moduler

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