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PourOver wrapper for Angular.js with super-quick filtering and sorting.


  • bower install ng-pourover;
  • cd ng-pourover;
  • npm install;
  • node example/server.js (if necessary after npm install);
  • Browse to http://localhost:5001/;

NYTimes' PourOver module allows for quick filtering and sorting.

In the example we are filtering within ~10 milliseconds a 100,000 collection.

Getting started with ngPourOver is fairly straightforward – you first need to add the dependency PourOver into your controller.

$myApp.controller('myController', ['PourOver', function(PourOver) {

You then have everything you need to initialise your collection – assuming your collection is currently stored in the collection variable.

$scope.collection = new PourOver(collection);

If you attempt the aforementioned without adding the poCollection filter – the work-horse of the ngPourOver module, then things won't be pretty. Ensure you've added the poCollection to your template.

<li ng-repeat="model in collection | poCollection">

Logically the next step is to define your first filter on a property – let's say you have a property called name defined in your collection.


Afterwards you're able to begin filtering on this property.

$scope.collection.filterBy('word', 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious');

You're even able to unfilter all with the unfilter method, and unfilter a specific filter with unfilterBy.

All of ngPourOver's unit tests are written in Jasmine and can be run with grunt test after you have followed the installation steps above.

Please open a pull request for all commits, and ensure all tests are passing before opening your PR.

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