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An HTML5 media player, built using Angular. It has interface similar to Youtube player.


Add NgPlyr to your AppModule:

import { NgPlyrModule } from 'ng-plyr';

  imports: [
export class AppModule { }

Add this tag to your Component html

<ng-plyr src=''></ng-plyr>


<ng-plyr [src]='mediaUrl'></ng-plyr>


<ng-plyr [playlist]='mediaArr'></ng-plyr>

And assign value to mediaUrl in component.ts

Note: playlist is preferred over src, so if both are passed, media will play from playlist

ng-plyr input attributes

Input Type Description
src string URL of media source
loadingImgSrc string URL of custom loading image
playFrom number Play media starting from specified second
volume number Keep playing the same media over and over
loop boolean Play media starting from specified second
bookmarks number[] Array of seconds within media max duration
autoplay boolean Enable/disable autoplay
nextMedia Media Media to be played next
playlist Media[] Pass entire playlist to play
loopPlaylist boolean Loop over playlist

Output events

Output Type Description
playing boolean Media started to play
paused boolean Media paused
ended boolean Media ended
onnext Media Playing next media
onprev Media Playing previous media
fullscreen boolean Media entered/exited fullscreen
volumechange { level:number, muted:boolean } Volume changed or muted/unmuted

Upcoming Inputs and Output events

Input Type Description
type MediaType Specify media type
captions [{ path: string, lang: string }] Add captions to media
Output Type Description
error object Details of any error if occured


Method(arg:type) Description
play() Play current media
pause() Pause current media
next() Play next media
prev() Play prev media
enableMediaLooping(loop?:boolean) Turn on loop for media (default true)
enablePlaylistLooping(loop?:boolean) Turn on loop for playlist (default true)
changeVolume(level:number) Set volume to level (0 to 1)
seekTo(atSecond:number) Seek media to specific second
setPlaybackSpeed(rate:number) Set media playback rate (range, .25 to 2)
getCurrentlyPlaying() Get currently playing Media
getNextMedia() Get nextMedia
getNumOfMediaInPlaylist() Get number of media items in playlist
addToPlaylist(mediaItems:Media[], atStart?:boolean) Add mediaItems to playlist at end/start
playNext(media:Media[]) Add media to playlist after current media


  • [x] Shortcuts available for different buttons
  • [x] Can switch to PIP and Fullscreen
  • [x] Double tap to seek back/forward
  • [x] Shows buffer status on timeline
  • [x] Autofetch Video metadata
  • [x] Change playback speed
  • [x] Seek to specific time by clicking on timeline
  • [x] Control for media volume
  • [x] Show loading animation on buffering
  • [x] Play Next/Prev media
  • [x] Button for looping
  • [ ] Playing audio
  • [ ] Show media title
  • [ ] Switch for autoplay
  • [ ] Cast to other devices

For Developers

  • [x] Provide media src
  • [x] Custom loading image can be set
  • [x] Bookmarks can be shown on timeline
  • [x] Looping the same media
  • [x] Provide more controls like volume, playfrom, loop etc.
  • [x] Emit events from ng-plyr: ended, playing, paused, volumechange, fullscreen etc.
  • [x] Playlist support
  • [x] Access to Player methods: play, pause, next, prev etc.
  • [ ] Hide controls
  • [ ] Multiple media sources
  • [ ] Hover to play media thumnails
  • [ ] Show bookmark text on hovering a bookmark
  • [ ] Show image previews on hovering timeline


Key Function
Space bar Play/Pause
m Mute/Unmute
i Toggle miniplayer
f Toggle fullscreen
k Play/Pause
0 or home Go to start
1 to 9 Go to 10% to 90%
end Go to end
Up arrow Volume up
Down arrow Volume down
Left arrow Seek back 5 sec
Right arrow Seek ahead 5 sec
Shift + N Play next media
Shift + P Play prev media

Known issues

  • Not supported in Angular versions < 14.0.0
  • Volume slider UI




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