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    Compile and package Angular libraries in Angular Package Format (APF)

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    This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


    npm install -D ng-packagr

    Usage Example

    Let's walk through a getting started that'll build an Angular library from TypeScript sources and create a distribution-ready npm package: create a package.json file, add the custom ngPackage property, and eventually run ng-packagr -p package.json – Here we go:

      "$schema": "./node_modules/ng-packagr/package.schema.json",
      "name": "@my/foo",
      "version": "1.0.0",
      "ngPackage": {
        "lib": {
          "entryFile": "public_api.ts"

    Note 1: Paths in the ngPackage section are resolved relative to the location of the package.json file. In the above example, public_api.ts is the entry file to the library's sources and must be placed next to package.json (a sibling in the same folder).

    Note 2: referencing the $schema enables JSON editing support (auto-completion for configuration) in IDEs like VSCode.

    You can easily run ng-packagr through a npm/yarn script:

      "scripts": {
        "build": "ng-packagr -p package.json"

    Now, execute the build with the following command:

    $ yarn build

    The build output is written to the dist folder, containing all those binaries to meet the Angular Package Format specification. You'll now be able to go ahead and npm publish dist your Angular library to the npm registry.

    Do you like to publish more libraries? Is your code living in a monorepo? Create one package.json per npm package, run ng-packagr for each!


    • 🎁 Implements Angular Package Format
      • 🏁 Bundles your library in FESM2020
      • 🎒 npm package can be consumed by Angular CLI, Webpack, or SystemJS
      • 💃 Creates type definitions (.d.ts)
      • 🏆 Auto-discovers and bundles secondary entry points such as @my/foo, @my/foo/testing, @my/foo/bar
    • 🔎 Creates scoped and non-scoped packages for publishing to npm registry
    • 🏄 Inlines Templates and Stylesheets
    • CSS Features

    How to…


    Angular Package Format documentation

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    Create and publish Angular libs like a Pro - Juri Strumpflohner at ngVikings, this time demoing building Angular libraries with ng-packagr, with NX as well as Bazel (March 2018, 30min talk)

    Juri Strumpflohner - Create & Publish Angular Libs like a PRO at ngVikings

    Contributing to ng-packagr

    General contribution guidelines

    If you like to submit a pull request, you'll find it helpful to take a look at the initial design document where it all started.

    To orchestrate the different tools, ng-packagr features a custom transformation pipeline. The transformation pipeline is built on top of RxJS and Angular Dependency Injection concepts.


    npm i ng-packagr

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