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    Opengallery is an Angular library component for efficient gallery rendering and interactions (images & videos). The gallery layout is responsive for all devices and loads the content only if it's in the viewport. A media viewer is shipped and included with this library. You can configure the component the way you want.


    Try it out here: DEMO or clone this repo and run ng serve for a full demo of opengallery. Built with angular version 9.


    • Fast & efficient gallery rendering
    • Loads content when they enter the viewport
    • Supports video/image mixed in the gallery
    • Play/Pause the video when the enter/exit the viewport (some browser block autoplay)
    • Different layouts to choose from and customise the way you want it (simple, catalog, carousel, masonry)
    • Include a media viewer modal to click and view the media (diaporama support, keystroke support)
    • Automatically hides media when they cannot be loaded
    • Detect dynamically new changes in medias and adapt itself

    How to use

    First install the package with the command npm i ng-opengallery

    Then, in your module.ts, import the library module

    import { NgOpengalleryModule } from 'ng-opengallery';

    And add it to your imports modules, then you can use it in any component.html


    If you want a full code demo, check out the repository on github here


    Property Type Note
    [datasource] Array(Media) Media datasource with data
    [config] Config Configuration of the gallery (prefMediaHeight,spacing,layout,viewerEnabled,viewerFullsize,diaporamaDuration,enableAutoPlay)
    [config.prefMediaHeight] number prefered height size of media in the layouts, default is 250
    [config.spacing] number spacing between media, is not taken into account for the caroussel layout, default is 2
    [config.layout] LayoutStyle Specify the media layout you want (SIMPLE, CATALOG, CAROUSEL, MASONRY), default is SIMPLE
    [config.viewerEnabled] boolean Specify whether the modal viewer should appear when a media is clicked, default is true
    [config.viewerFullsize] boolean Specify whether the media in the modal viewer should take the full width and height available, default is false
    [config.diaporamaDuration] number Duration for the diaporama in the modal viewer, if 0 is specified, diaporama is disabled, default is 3
    [config.enableAutoPlay] number Specify if a media should start when it enters the viewport, default is true
    [config.effectClass] string Special effect applied on media defined by the user, if null no effect is applied, default is null


    Event Type Note
    (change) Media Emits the current media when the diaporama changes automatically or by the user (carousel,media viewer)
    (error) Media Emits the media that caused an error (could not be loaded)
    (selection) Media Emits the media that was selected by the user
    (open) boolean Emits a boolean when the media viewer is opened or closed

    To-Do / Improvements

    • Move some logic in service and remove from components
    • Add Squared layout
    • Add animations support
    • Add Iframe support


    This package is on npm


    This package is under the MIT license


    npm i ng-opengallery

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