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Angular Multiselect Dropdown

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Angular multiselect dropdown component for web applications. Easy to integrate and use. It can be bind to any custom data source.



Getting Started


  • dropdown with single/multiple selction option
  • bind to any custom data source
  • search item with custom placeholder text
  • limit selection
  • select/de-select all items
  • custom theme


npm install ng-multiselect-dropdown

And then include it in your module (see app.module.ts):

import { NgMultiSelectDropDownModule } from 'ng-multiselect-dropdown';
// ...

  imports: [
    // ...
  // ...
export class AppModule {}


import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { IDropdownSettings } from 'ng-multiselect-dropdown';

export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
  dropdownList = [];
  selectedItems = [];
  dropdownSettings = {};
  ngOnInit() {
    this.dropdownList = [
      { item_id: 1, item_text: 'Mumbai' },
      { item_id: 2, item_text: 'Bangaluru' },
      { item_id: 3, item_text: 'Pune' },
      { item_id: 4, item_text: 'Navsari' },
      { item_id: 5, item_text: 'New Delhi' }
    this.selectedItems = [
      { item_id: 3, item_text: 'Pune' },
      { item_id: 4, item_text: 'Navsari' }
    this.dropdownSettings:IDropdownSettings = {
      singleSelection: false,
      idField: 'item_id',
      textField: 'item_text',
      selectAllText: 'Select All',
      unSelectAllText: 'UnSelect All',
      itemsShowLimit: 3,
      allowSearchFilter: true
  onItemSelect(item: any) {
  onSelectAll(items: any) {
  [placeholder]="'custom placeholder'"


Setting Type Description Default Value
singleSelection Boolean Mode of this component. If set true user can select more than one option. false
placeholder String Text to be show in the dropdown, when no items are selected. 'Select'
disabled Boolean Disable the dropdown false
data Array Array of items from which to select. Should be an array of objects with id and text properties. You can also use custom properties. In that case you need to map idField and textField properties. As convenience, you may also pass an array of strings, in which case the same string is used for both the ID and the text(no mapping is required) n/a
idField String map id field in case of custom array of object 'id'
textField String map text field in case of custom array of object 'text'
enableCheckAll Boolean Enable the option to select all items in list false
selectAllText String Text to display as the label of select all option Select All
unSelectAllText String Text to display as the label of unSelect option UnSelect All
allowSearchFilter Boolean Enable filter option for the list. false
searchPlaceholderText String custom search placeholder Search
clearSearchFilter Boolean clear search filter on dropdown close true
maxHeight Number Set maximum height of the dropdown list in px. 197
itemsShowLimit Number Limit the number of items to show in the input field. If not set will show all selected. All
limitSelection Number Limit the selection of number of items from the dropdown list. Once the limit is reached, all unselected items gets disabled. none
searchPlaceholderText String Custom text for the search placeholder text. Default value would be 'Search' 'Search'
noDataAvailablePlaceholderText String Custom text when no data is available. 'No data available'
closeDropDownOnSelection Boolean Closes the dropdown when item is selected. applicable only in cas of single selection false
defaultOpen Boolean open state of dropdown false
allowRemoteDataSearch Boolean allow search remote api if no data is present. false

Callback Methods

  • onSelect - Return the selected item when an item is checked. Example : (onSelect)="onItemSelect($event)"
  • onSelectAll - Return the all items. Example : (onSelectAll)="onSelectAll($event)".
  • onDeSelect - Return the unselected item when an item is unchecked. Example : (onDeSelect)="onItemDeSelect($event)"
  • onFilterChange - Return the key press. Example : (onFilterChange)="onFilterChange($event)"
  • onDropDownClose- Example : (onDropDownClose)="onDropDownClose()"

Custom Theme

  • The component package has a themes folder in node_modules at ng-multiselet-dropdown\themes\ng-multiselect-dropdown.theme.scss
  • Include the ng-multiselet-dropdown.theme.css in angular-cli.json (for versions below angular 6) and angular.json (for version 6 or more).
  • Refer this file on how to add the css file to your angular project.

Custom Template(in beta):

Variables can be used in template

  1. id: return id as number
  2. option: return option text. return string
  3. isSelected: determine if item is selected or not. returns boolean

Template for each item

<ng-template #optionsTemplate let-item let-option="option" let-id="id" let-isSelected="isSelected">

Template for selected item

<ng-template #optionSelectedTemplate optionSelectedTemplate let-option="option"  let-id="id">


Run locally

  • Clone the repository or downlod the .zip,.tar files.
  • Run npm install
  • Run ng serve for a dev server
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4200/

Library Build / NPM Package

Run yarn build:lib to build the library and generate an NPM package. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist-lib/ folder.

Running unit tests

Run yarn test to execute the unit tests.


This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.7.1.


Contributions are welcome, please open an issue and preferrably file a pull request.

Opening Issue

Please share sample code using or to help me re-produce the issue.


MIT License.

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Tom Saleeba


Simon Pinfold


Sushil Suthar


Sachin Grover


Mike Roberts


David Sosa


Sergiy Gedeon


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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