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Mixin utility for Angular that makes it easier to write min-safe code, and offers other conveniences.

// MyController.js 
var mix = require('ng-mixin');
module.exports = mix({
    $inject: ['$scope', 'myService'],
    init: function ($scope, myService) {
        // constructor logic here 
        // this.$scope and this.myService created automatically 
        $scope.$on('someEvent', this.someHandler);
    someHandler: function () {
        // this will still be the module, not the scope 
        // thanks to automatic binding 

Can also be used like a traditional mixin, merging two or more objects.

// SomeModel.js 
var mix = require('ng-mixin'),
     EventEmitter = require('events').EventEmitter.prototype;
module.exports = mix(EventEmitter, {
    someMethod: function () {
        // we now have event emitting thanks to EventEmitter mixin 
        this.emit('someEvent', prop)