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    ng-log is a simple Log class for Angular which wraps the console log methods, and write


    npm install ng-log --save


    yarn add ng-log

    Basic Usage

    The basic usage will be to construct a Log instance, passing an argument which is a context value that will be prepended to each log message.

    export class SomeComponent {
        private log: Log = new Log(
        constructor() {}
        public doTheThing() {
           this.log.log('Doing the thing')

    The Log class has the @Injectable annotation, so you can also add it in your constructor if you added it in your app module providers.

    export class SomeComponent {
        constructor(private log: Log) {
            this.log = log.withContext(
        public doTheThing() {
           this.log.log('Doing the thing')

    Note that if you use as the context then that will probably get mangled to the minified class name. If you have console logging enabled in production and want the proper name with a prod optimised build then you will need to use a string instead of a .name reference.

    Advanced usages

    In a production app you may want to turn off logging to the console. In particular for our Ionic/Cordova mobile apps the system browser logs aren't going to be seen by anyone so the logging can be disabled.

    class MyApp {
        initializeApp() {
            this.platform.ready().then(() => {
                if(environment.isProduction()) {
                    Log.logToConsole = false

    All log messages logged will added to the static Observable property $logEntry

    An important use case for using this Log class is being able to subscribe to the $logEntry observable so you can perform more interesting actions, such as posting error messages to your server for error reporting.

    An example LogSubmitter is included in the /example folder which submits error messages, along with the recent log message history, and other information such as the userId, code version and platform version.


    npm i ng-log

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