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Getting Started

With ngImgur you can easily add a component on your website to facilitate the uploading of wonderful cat pictures to r/cats. Meow!

Understand Me

Add the ngImgur module as a dependency to your application:

$angular.module('myApp', ['ngImgur']);

And then import the service into any of your controllers, services, or directives:

myApp.controller('CatController', function(imgur) {
    // ... 

Then with your image (see FileReader) invoke the imgur.upload method:

imgur.upload(file).then(function then(model) {
    console.log('Your adorable cat be here: ' +;

Using the upload method you can also upload an array of images – everything remains the same except the argument passed into then which would be a collection of the models.

imgur.upload([firstFile, secondFile, thirdFile]).then(function then(collection) {
    console.log('You uploaded ' + collection.length + ' balls of fur!');


All of the ngImgur tests can be run using Karma with the easiest method being the grunt test command after you've installed all Bower dependencies with bower install.