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A solution to use i18n-node-angular in an Angular application without NodeJS backend.


ng-i18n-node intercepts the $http service and looks for any requests going to /i18n/ (the default i18n-node-angular route).

If a request to /i18n/locale is detected, it will be replaced with a request to /i18n/locale.json to retrieve the JSON formatted locale file from the local resources.

If a request to /i18n/locale/translateable is detected, the translatable string will be returned in its original form. At the same time it will be recorded and printed to the developer console, so that you can grab it and put it into your translation documents.


  1. Include .js file:

     <script src="lib/ng-i18n-node/dist/ng-i18n-node.min.js"></script>
  2. Load ng-i18n-node as a dependency of your module:

     angular.module( "foo", ["i18n", "ng-i18n-node"] );
  3. Place your translation files into a folder named i18n in your project root.