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    ng-extra-build is a build tool for angular-cli, you can use this for extra building tasks that angular-cli can't do, especially for multi-environment.


    • Copy resources for the specified environment.
    • Compile and compress css file for the specified environment.
    • Merge i18n files for the specified environment.
    • Replace contents in final packaged file for the specified environment.
    • Delete files
    • Compress files

    Getting Started


    npm install ng-extra-build --save-dev



    After ng-extra-build installation is completed, you can find a configuration file named build.conf.json in $your_project_dir, you should modify this file as your requirements. See Configuration Reference.


    Append below command after angular-cli build command:

    ng-extra-build -env=envName -config=config-file-path

    For example, if neware is one of your envoriment name, add below json content in $Your_project_dir/package.json:

      "scripts": {
        "ng": "ng",
        "start": "ng serve",
        "neware": "ng build -prod -sm=false -aot -e neware && ng-extra-build -env=neware"

    And then execute command

    npm run neware

    to build application for production.

    Command Arguments

    Argument Required Default Description
    -env true null Envrionment name
    -config false build.conf.json Configuration file path. The file path is relative to current working direction (same as path.cwd() in nodejs)

    Configuration Reference

    • base (object): The base config.

      • outDir (string): The output directory for build results.This value must set be same as outDir in Angular CLI.
    • copy (array): Copy resources into outDir.

      • from (string): Source file which will be copied.
      • to (string): Destination file which will be copied to.
    • css (object): Css compile options.

      • from (string): Source css file.
      • to (string): Destination css file.
      • devUrl (string): The css href in tag <link> in index.html for the development environment.After build, will replace this href with production environment href.
    • i18n (object): Build options for i18n files

      • source (string): Directory of source i18n files
      • extra (string): Directory of extra i18n files
      • target (string): Directory of target i18n files
    • replacement (array): Replacement configurations

      • file (string): The file (path) you want to execute the replacement.
      • contents (array): Contents you want to replace.
        • replace (string): Contents you want to replace.
        • with (string): Contents you want to replace with
        • withEnv (object): Contents you want to replace with for the specified environment. key is environment name, value is corresponding content you want to replace with.
    • deletion (array): Files you want to delete.

    • compression (object): Compression configurations.

    Example Configuration File

      "$schema": "./node_modules/ng-extra-build/schema.json",
      "base": {
        "outDir": "dist"
      "copy": [
          "from": "$root/src/env/$env/favicon.ico",
          "to": "$dist/favicon.ico"
      "css": {
        "from": "$root/src/env/$env/css/theme.css",
        "to": "$dist/assets/css",
        "devUrl": "env/neware/css/theme.css"
      "i18n": {
        "source": "$root/src/assets/i18n",
        "extra": "$root/src/env/$env/i18n",
        "target": "$dist/assets/i18n"
      "replacement": [
          "file": "$dist/index.html",
          "contents": [
              "replace": "Neware Club",
              "withEnv": {
                "neware": "Neware RSP",
                "joy": "Joytele RSP"
      "deletion": [
      "compression": {
        "from": "$dist",
        "to": "$root"



    npm i ng-extra-build

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