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Angular ES6/ES2015 App Skeleton

This repo gives you a basic Angular 1.5 app skeleton following best practices outlined by Todd Motto, as well as Javascript code style recommended by Airbnb. It uses ES6 syntax and Webpack for bundling and development tools.

The skeleton has the basic page structure for a single page web application, including a header, nav, main content area, and footer. There are a couple mock app modules to get you started. They also contain tests and a starter karma and protractor configuration.

** Application Structure:**

/modules/   <-- application pages / screens grouped topically
/common/    <-- common, reusable code (components, directives, styles, etc)
app.js      <-- entry point

This was my first dive into Angular, and coming from the React-world, the component based approach makes the most sense to me from an application design perspective. Component-based architecture appears to be the emerging standard for web application development, and is core to the React philosophy as well as the new Angular 2 framework. I tried to incorporate industry standard best practices, but I'm still new to Angular so feel free to suggest improvements.


git clone

Running The App For Development

npm install
npm start

npm start will start up the webpack dev server on port 3000. This gives you Auto Refresh, which drastically speeds up development and debugging. Let me know if you have any problems running it. Hot Module Replacement coming soon.

Bundling For Production

npm run build:prod

Running The Unit Tests

npm run test:unit


npm run test:unit-watch

Running The End-To-End Tests

npm run test:e2e-server
npm run test:e2e


npm run lint

TODO: Notes about SublimeLinter config Fix issue with common base path resolves


npm i ng-es6-skeleton

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