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Next.js + Antd (with Less)

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Use Antd (Less) w/ Next.js, Zero Dependency on other Next-Plugins.


Demo w/ Next.js v12 by mkn

Demo w/ CRA v5 by mkr

Yep! this plugin supports both Next.js and CRA since v1.0.


  • Zero Dependency on other Next.js Plugins
  • Support Both Next.js & CRA Project
  • Support Hot-Update After modifying Antd less vars
  • Support Serverless Mode
  • Support Antd Pro


  • Next.js v11 / v12
  • CRA v4 / v5


yarn add next-plugin-antd-less
yarn add --dev babel-plugin-import


for Next.js

// next.config.js
const withAntdLess = require('next-plugin-antd-less');

module.exports = withAntdLess({
  modifyVars: { '@primary-color': '#04f' }, // optional
  lessVarsFilePath: './src/styles/variables.less', // optional 
  lessVarsFilePathAppendToEndOfContent: false, // optional
  // optional
  cssLoaderOptions: {
    // ... 
    mode: "local",
    localIdentName: __DEV__ ? "[local]--[hash:base64:4]" : "[hash:base64:8]", // invalid! for Unify getLocalIdent (Next.js / CRA), Cannot set it, but you can rewritten getLocalIdentFn
    exportLocalsConvention: "camelCase",
    exportOnlyLocals: false,
    // ...
    getLocalIdent: (context, localIdentName, localName, options) => {
      return "whatever_random_class_name";

  // for Next.js ONLY
  nextjs: {
    localIdentNameFollowDev: true, // default false, for easy to debug on PROD mode

  // Other Config Here...

  webpack(config) {
    return config;

  // ONLY for Next.js 10, if you use Next.js 11, delete this block
  future: {
    webpack5: true,

Add a .babelrc.js

// .babelrc.js
module.exports = {
  presets: [['next/babel']],
  plugins: [['import', { libraryName: 'antd', style: true }]],

Detailed config can be found in next.config.js file.

for CRA / CRA-Co

const cracoPluginLess = require('next-plugin-antd-less/overrideWebpackConfig');

module.exports = {
  babel: cracoBabel,
  plugins: [
      plugin: cracoPluginLess,
      options: {
        modifyVars: {
          '@THEME--DARK': 'theme-dark',
        lessVarsFilePath: './src/styles/variables.less',
        cssLoaderOptions: {
          localIdentName: __DEV__ ? "[local]--[hash:base64:4]" : "[hash:base64:8]",

Detailed config can be found in craco.config.js file.


Reference Project?

If you have any problem, please check mkn (Next.js) and mkr (CRA) first, I update these two repo's every time I update this plugin.

Default ClassName

MODE className e.g.
DEV [local]--[hash:base64:4] comp-wrapper--2Rra
PROD [hash:base64:8] 2Rra8Ryx

for Unify getLocalIdent (Next.js / CRA), Cannot set it, but you can rewritten getLocalIdentFn

localIdentName is invalid? How to rewritten?

you can defind your own localIdentName in pluginOptions.cssLoaderOptions.modules.getLocalIdent

  options: {
  lessVarsFilePath: './src/styles/variables.less'
  // ...
  // and you can see file 
  getLocalIdent: (context, _, exportName, options) => {
    return 'whatever_random_class_name';
  // ...

How to import global CSS style (e.g. styles.css)?

// ./page/_app.tsx
// use `import` or `require` syntax,
import './styles.css';

How to import global Less style (e.g. styles.less)?

// ./page/_app.tsx
// use `require` syntax,

How to overwrite antd less variables?

// ./src/styles/variables.less
@import '~antd/lib/style/themes/default.less'; // <-- you need to import antd variables once in your project

@primary-color: #04f; // change antd primary-color
// 🔰️ Tips: if your use babel import plugin and set `libraryDirectory`, please keep `libraryDirectory` and `less path` consistent.

// lib
['import', { libraryName: 'antd', libraryDirectory: 'lib', style: true }]
// `@import '~antd/lib/style/themes/default.less';` <-- use `lib`

// es
  ['import', { libraryName: 'antd', libraryDirectory: 'es', style: true }]
// --> `@import '~antd/es/style/themes/default.less';` <-- use `es`
// plugin options
lessVarsFilePath: './src/styles/variables.less'

@seeMore issues #36, #74



Since Next.js 9.3 supports sass and css by default, but does not support less. If you use Next.js > 9.3 and use the official less plugin, you will definitely encounter the following problems.

  1. CIL Warning Warning: Built-in CSS support is being disabled due to custom CSS configuration being detected.

  2. Does not support automatic recognition of css modules, e.g. a.module.less and a.less


  1. Find sassModule and copy onec and replace the sass-loader inside with less-loader.

  2. Then enable the option of css-loader. This can simply match all *.less (no need to match it is *.module.less or *.less), and hand it over to css-loader.

This is the lowest cost way, And CLI will no longer show this disgusting warning. The important thing is that there is Zero Dependency on other Next-Plugins..


MIT © Jason Feng

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