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Internationalization for Next.js that gets out of your way.

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📣 Support for Next.js 13 and the app directory is coming →


Internationalization is an essential part of the user experience. next-intl gives you everything you need to get language subtleties right and has always got your back whenever you need to fine-tune a translation.

  • 🌟 ICU message syntax: Localize your messages with interpolation, plurals, ordinal pluralization, enum-based label selection, and rich text.
  • 📅 Dates, times & numbers: Use global formats for a consistent look & feel of your app and apply fine-tuning as necessary.
  • Type-safe: Speed up development with autocompletion for message keys and catch typos early with compile-time checks.
  • 💡 Hooks-only API: Learn a single API that can be used across your code base to turn translations into plain strings or rich text.
  • 🚀 Fast: Get the best performance from your app by supporting internationalization on both static and dynamic pages.
  • ⚔️ Standards-based: Use the best parts of built-in JavaScript APIs and supplemental lower-level APIs from Format.JS.

What does it look like?

This library is based on the premise that messages can be grouped by namespaces (typically a component name).

// UserDetails.tsx
import {useTranslations, useFormatter} from 'next-intl';
function UserDetails({user}) {
  const t = useTranslations('UserDetails');
  const format = useFormatter();
  return (
      <p>{t('followers', {count: user.followers.length})}</p>
      <p>{t('lastSeen', {time: format.relativeTime(user.lastSeen)})</p>
      <Image alt={t('portrait', {username:})} src={user.portrait} />
// en.json
  "UserDetails": {
    "title": "User details",
    "followers": "{count, plural, ↵
                    =0 {No followers yet} ↵
                    =1 {One follower} ↵
                    other {# followers} ↵
    "lastSeen": "Last seen {time}",
    "portrait": "Portrait of {username}"

→ Read the docs


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