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Nexosis API Client Library

This software is provided as a way to include Nexosis API functionality in your own JavaScript software.


Add the library to your project by installing from NPM.

yarn add nexosis-api-client

Creating a new NexosisClient with an API key allows you to make calls to the API. Each property of the client allows you to interact with a different part of the API.

const NexosisClient = require('nexosis-api-client').default
const client = new NexosisClient({ key: nexosisApiKey });
client.DataSets.list().then(dataSets => Console.log(dataSets.items));
client.Sessions.list().then(sessions => Console.log(sessions.items));

Each request returns a Promise, with the body of the response.

More Information

You can read about the Nexosis API at

Refer to the detailed API documentation at

Pull requests are welcome

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