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    🐚 cross-platform library to execute commands in new shells

    Sometimes a certain development environment requires more than a single terminal window, so you open a new one, or even better, split into multiple panes. This happens because nowadays, we have many interactive CLI apps that take the whole terminal window. In those cases, we'll see an explanation in the README that instructs us which commands should we run.

    The main problem with this approach is that the developer is now required to understand multiple commands. Another problem is that we can't make sure that the developer will get the desired developer experience if it requires manual actions. For example, run a command, split panes in the terminal and then run another command.

    newsh is here to solve these problems, it lets you configure how many terminal windows, tabs or splits you need and what commands to run in each one. It does its best effort to use features that your own terminal provides, like splitting panes. But worry not, in case a feature is not available, a regular terminal window is guaranteed to be opened.


    • 🌏 Cross-platform
    • 🗃 Opens the new shell in current working directory
    • 🎛 Supports splitting (iterm2/tmux/ConEmu/Cmder)
    • 📄 Runs js files with node
    • 🌴 Pass environment parameters to the new shell instance


    You can choose to install using yarn or npm

    yarn add --dev newsh
    npm install -D newsh

    In case you want the newsh command to be available globally:

    yarn global add newsh
    npm install newsh --global


    Run a command in a new shell

    prints "hello world" in a new shell window

    newsh "echo 'hello world'"

    The new shell will run in the same working directory.

    # See for yourself 👀 
    newsh pwd

    You can run multiple shells

    newsh "tsc --watch" "jest --watch"

    Note that you can use tsc, jest and any other local bin just like in npm/yarn scripts


    Attempts to split the screen horizontally instead of opening a new tab/window

    newsh --split-horizontally "say down"


    Attempts to split the screen vertically instead of opening a new tab/window

    newsh --split-vertically "say right"


    Alias for --split-vertically


    Choose a specific terminal app to use (e.g.


    Open the new shell in the specified directory

    newsh pwd --cd "~"


    Executes a file in a new shell

    newsh --file "./"

    Supports running node for javascript files

    newsh --file "./script.js"

    Node API

    possible options for the command and file methods

    type Options = {
      env?: Record<string, string> = {}; // Environment parameters that would be passed to the new shell
      cwd?: string = process.cwd(); // Where the newsh command should run (use for joining relative paths of files))
      cd?: string = process.cwd(); // A path to a directory that the new shell will use
      split?: boolean = false; // Attempts to split the terminal window
      splitDirection?: "vertically" | "horizontally" = "vertically"; // The direction of splitting (only works when `split: true`)
      terminalApp?: string | undefined = $TERM_PROGRAM; // Use a specific terminal app


    Run a command in a new shell

    command(scriptstring, optionsOptions)void


    Executes a file in a new shell

    file(scriptPathstring, optionsOptions)void


    # install 
    # compile 
    yarn watch
    # test 
    yarn test


    If you find a bug or want this project to provide better support for a certain terminal application, please open an issue. You are more than welcome to create pull requests as well.


    • Controll the focus of the terminal window
    • Better split integration with other terminals


    npm i newsh

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