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Hacknight Project - Headlines node module 🌍

Quick node module for making it easier to grab headlines from news sites

Question posed: how can we make it painless to access the headlines of news sites from around the world

  • A node module to do the scraping of grabbing the world's headlines
  • Uses scraperJS to do all the scraping for you

Goal: to make it easy to grab the headlines you want

var headline = require('headline-news');	
headline.torstar(); // Rob Ford laments lack of hummus (Toronto Star)
headline.cbc(); // Rob Ford laments lack of hummus (CBC News)

Proof of concept (node-repl)



  • Add local and world objects so you specify whether you want local news or global news
    • Reason: every local site publishes the same general world article, the local story headline is much more interesting
  • Build out US news site scrapers
    • Can break US news sites into states
  • Will have the feature of grabbing all country headlines with headline.canada();
  • Public to npm
  • Clean up duplicate code
  • Add lots more sites in Europe/Asia/Africa
  • Build demo page to show power of headlines
    • Hover over map to get different headlines