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    New Relic React Native Agent

    Welcome to the New Relic React Native agent! With this agent you can:

    • Automatically capture Javascript Errors as well as iOS and Android crashes
    • See stack traces and event trails to easily understand and replicate where errors occur
    • Add custom events, custom attributes, and mobile breadcrumbs to provide specific information around your apps and how your customers them
    • Understand how many sessions customers use over time and for how long

    This agent is currently in Beta and has not been tested for production level apps.

    Check out our documentation for further details, including requirements: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/mobile-react-native-agent-toc

    Join our discussion board to learn and discuss with other engineers using the agent: https://discuss.newrelic.com/c/support-products-agents/react-native-beta

    Want access? Fill out this form and then send an email with your New Relic account number and preferred App Name to mobilebeta@newrelic.com. CC your account executive if applicable.


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