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Newman Runner is a CLI tool that uses the Postman-Pro api to pull the latest version of your collections and environments and run your newman tests.


You must have a valid Postman Pro license and an integration api key.


The following command line arguments are available for use:

Argument Alias Description
api-key a Set the Postman Pro api key for a single invocation
set-api-key Set the Postman Pro api key permanently
show-api-key Show the last 4 letters of the saved api key
clear-api-key Clear the saved Postman Pro api key
collection-name c Name of the collection to run
environment-name e Name of the environment in which to run the collection
collection-uid Uid of the collection to run
environment-uid Uid of the environment in which to run the collection
bail b Abort newman at first test failure
reporter r The type of reporter to build the newman results in
list-collections Lists all collections associated to the Postman account, and allows the user to select one to run

Arguments are denoted with --, aliases are used with -.


Run newman-pro for a single collection

newman-pro --api-key XXXXXXXXXXX --collection-name "Integration Tests"

Set the Api key and run multiple collections

newman-pro --set-api-key XXXXXXXXXXXXX
newman-pro -c "Weather API Collection"
newman-pro -c "Weather API Integration Tests" -e "Integration Environment"

Run newman-pro with a specific collection id, but environment name

newman-pro --api-key XXXXXXXX --collection-uid 0777b14b-e626-4733-bb87-f03d2377c71b -e "Dev env"


npm i newman-pro

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