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Very basic middleware for Connect/Express to handle newline-delimited javascript requests


$ npm install newdelimma


The specifications for newline-delimited JSON (NDJ) are in draft stages as of early 2012.

At this point, NDJ headers often fall under the same umbrella as standard JSON: 'application/json'

This middleware intercepts 'application/json' POST requests, and converts NDJ into standard JSON.

	{ "field1": "value1", "field2": "value2", "field3": "value3" }
	{ "fieldA": "valueA", "fieldB": "valueB", "fieldC": "valueC" }

are instead converted to

		record1:	{ "field1": "value1", "field2": "value2", "field3": "value3" },
		record2:	{ "fieldA": "valueA", "fieldB": "valueB", "fieldC": "valueC" }

"record" can be changed by passing { handle: "mycustomrecord" } as an option

Multiple newlines are compressed into one: i.e. {...}\n\n\n{...} splits into 2 records (none blank).

Meanwhile, spaces BETWEEN newlines BETWEEN records are treated as blank records: {...}\n \n\n{...} splits into 3 records (the middle blank).


Should come BEFORE bodyParser in the express middleware stack (listed in CoffeeScript below):

app.configure ->
	app.use express.logger( { format: '\x1b[1m:method\x1b[0m \x1b[32m:url\x1b[0m :response-time ms' } )
	app.use ndj.middleware()
	app.use express.bodyParser()
	app.use express.methodOverride()
	app.use express.cookieParser()