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Automatically restarts your stream for you when it ends. This can be easily use to concatenate multiple streams.


'use strict'
var nes = require('never-ending-stream')
var from = require('from2')
var chunks = [new Buffer('hello'), new Buffer('world')]
var count = 0
var stream = nes(function () {
  if (count++ === 2) {
    // close the stream after 2 runs 
    return null
  var source = [].concat(chunks)
  return from.obj(function (size, next) {
    var chunk = source.shift() || null
    next(null, chunk)
// prints 
//  hello 
//  world 
//  hello 
//  world 
stream.on('data', function (data) {


neverEndingStream([opts,] build([cb]))

Creates a binary never-ending stream, by concatenating all streams generated by build. build is called whenever the previous stream completes.

build can be synchronous or asynchronous:

  • if it accepts no callback, is synchronous, and it should return the stream, or null to close the never-ending-stream.

  • if it accepts a callback, is asynchronous, and you should call the callback when the next stream is ready, like cb(null, stream).

All other options will be passed to through2.

neverEndingStream.obj([opts, ], build([cb]))

Like neverEndingStream(), but with objectMode: true by default.