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Utilities to generate the config.tree for neuron.

<name>: {
  <version>: {
    // dependencies and async dependencies
    <dep-name>: [
      // synchronous dependencies
        <sync-dep-range>: <sync-dep-version>, ...
      // asynchronous dependencies
        <async-dep-range>: <async-dep-version>, ...


$ npm install neuron-tree --save


var tree = require('neuron-tree');
tree(pkg, {
  cwd: cwd,
  built_root: built_root,
  dependencyKeys: ['dependencies', 'asyncDependencies']
}, function(err, tree, shrinkwrap){
  // ... 

tree(pkg, options, callback)

Generates the object tree which neuron uses as the config.tree.

  • pkg Object cortex json
  • options Object
    • cwd path
    • built_root path= the path from where we can find all installed and built packages
    • shrinkwrap Object= the object of cortex-shrinkwrap.json
    • dependencyKeys Array=['dependencies', 'asyncDependencies']
    • ignore_shrink_file Boolean=false if true, neuron-tree will always generate new shrinkwrap tree.

The array of types of dependencies, default to


You could include other keys of dependencies in the array, available keys:

'dependencies', 'asyncDependencies', 'engines', devDependencies

Arguments Overloading
  • if options.shrinkwrap not defined, then:
  • if options.ignore_shrink_file not defined, neuron-tree will try to generate shrinkwrap itself, else:
  • neuron-tree will try to read the cortex-shrinkwrap.json, else:
  • if cortex-shrinkwrap.json not found, neuron-tree will try to generate shrinkwrap itself.

tree.parse(shrinked, dependencyKeys)

  • shrinked Object the shrinked object of shrinked
  • dependencyKeys Array.<String>

Parses the shrinked B+ tree, and generates a simpler tree for config.tree of neuron.