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The make build utility, written in node.js.


neumake is released under an MIT style license. Details are in the file LICENSE.txt.


npm install neumake


neumake [-j|--jobs=<max number of jobs>] [-k|--keep-going] <goal>
Search the current directory for a file named Makefile. This file is read for rules which describe targets, their dependencies, and recipes to process.

Specifying -j followed by a number designates the maximum number of jobs to run simultaneously. The default is -j1.

By default, neumake exits on the first failed recipe. Specifying -k directs neumake to continue processing targets as long as possible despite errors.

On success, 0 is returned. On failure, 1 is returned.


The test directory contains an example Makefile which neumake successfully processes. However, neumake is not feature complete yet. Variables are not currently supported.