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    Neu is a free crisp cohesive growing icon set library that provides wide range categories. Based on 24px grid, it will match with any of your app, website, design project.

    Created with a simple basic object, combine it with other shapes, and finish it with passion.

    1385 in total and counting.

    Have a feedback or issue about it? Feel free to email me.

    How to use

    Simply visit the Wiki for more detailed information about it.


    You can see the complete code list at

    Also, you can see the the full icons preview here. Separated each category.


    • Accessibility 23 icons
    • Animal 25 icons
    • Arrow 30 icons
    • Brand 31 icons
    • Building 38 icons
    • Business and Finance 90 icons
    • Design 89 icons
    • Development 48 icons
    • Ecommerce 46 icons
    • Emoji 20 icons
    • Fashion 85 icons
    • File 48 icons
    • Food 57 icons
    • Furniture 50 icons
    • Game 48 icons
    • Gesture 32 icons
    • Holiday 55 icons
    • Interface 323 icons
    • Kitchen 30 icons
    • Medical 35 icons
    • Music 45 icons
    • Nature 25 icons
    • Space 25 icons
    • Sports 35 icons
    • Technology 30 icons
    • Text 35 icons
    • Transportation 25 icons
    • Users 35 icons
    • Weather 50 icons

    Request icons

    Need an icon but you don't see it? Feel free to request it here.


    Neu icons is available under the MIT License.


    Neu logo is created by Royyan Wijaya and revamped by Aldo Picaso

    Shout out to people who helped me about this project Raizal I.N. Pregnanta Victor Manu Yahya Fadhlulloh Al-Fatih

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