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    LevelDB-compatible module for loading p2p databases using hyperbee and hyperswarm


    npm i --save networked-hyperbeedown levelup
    const levelup = require('levelup')
    const { once } = require('events')
    const NetworkedHyperbeedown = require('networked-hyperbeedown')()
    const down = new NetworkedHyperbeedown('hyper://someurlhere', {
      keyEncoding: 'utf-8'
    const db = levelup(db)
    // Wait for an initial peer before tryinng to load data
    await once(down.core, 'peer-open')
    const value = await db.get('Example')
    console.log('Got value from remote:', value)


    const NetworkedHyperbeedown = makeNetworkedHyperbeedown({Hypercore, close, ...opts})

    Creates an instance of NetworkedHyperbeeDown.

    Provide a custom Hypercore constructor and optional close for cleaning up if you want full control.

    Else you can pass in opts which will initialize hyper-sdk

    This will return a constructor for NetworkedHyperbeedown.

    const hyperbeedown = new NetworkedHyperbeedown(url)

    Once you have a NetworkedHyperbeedown reference, you can initialize storage with urls.

    The hyperbeedown instance returned can be passed to levelup or anything else that uses abstract-leveldown.

    The url should be a hyper:// URL which will be passed to the Hypercore constructor.

    You can pass in an actual public key in the URL if you want to load from the network (which will make it readonly) like hyper://aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    You can also pass a custom name for the URL which will derive a key for you like hyper://example

    const url = await hyperbeedown.getURL()

    If you used a custom name for your hyperbee, you can resolve it to the actual publicly accessible URL through this.

    Make sure your db has been opened before calling this.

    The url is a string.

    const core = hyperbeedown.core

    You can get a reference to the hypercore with this property


    npm i networked-hyperbeedown

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