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Network-Viewer is a redefined HAR viewer human friendly view of requests which is build with React.

The main purpose of this web application is to help you to view HAR files with many features like filters, search, timline charts etc.

If you are interested contributing to this library, please have a look into our Contributing Guidelines. We love to see any kind of contributions 😊!




Main features of Network-Viewer are:

  • Import/Upload HAR file
  • Fetch HAR file using queryString url use file=HAR_FILE_URL and to enable CORS pass isCORSEnabled=true (by default CORS is disabled)
  • Search request by URL or body content
  • Filter request by XHR, JS, CSS, Image, Media, Font, Doc, WebSocket, Manifest
  • Errors Only filter to filter request by error status (where status code is greater than or equal to 400)
  • WaterFall chart to display timeline of request which includes
  • Stats at footer to show number of requests, data transfered size, resoruces size, and time metrics like Page Load, DOMContentLoaded and Finished time
  • Request Detail section is available on click of request, response content is available for JSON and XML responses.

How to use

Import/Upload HAR file

Visit and Import your HAR file via drag&drop.

Fetch HAR file

  • file=HAR_FILE_URL as queryString to pass HAR file url
  • isCORSEnabled=trueas queryString to enable CORS support (by default CORS is disabled)

Use it as react library

$ npm install network-viewer


import { NetworkViewer } from 'network-viewer';
<NetworkViewer />


prop Type Default Values Description
autoHighlightChange Bool false true, false To allow change request highlight on scrollTimeStamp change when requestDetail is visible
containerClassName String null custom-class to overwrite network-viewer's default style
data Object null { log: { entries: [], pages: [] } } HAR file data which should contain log.entries and log.pages
fetchOptions Object { withCredentials: true } axios request option can be set here to fetch HAR file
file String null HAR file URL to fetch requests
onDataLoaded Func null (data) => {} This function will receive loaded data on file is being fetched
onDataError Func null (error) => {} This function is called when loading data fails
onRequestSelect Func null (requestDetail) => {} This function will receive request detail on request select
options Object {showImportHAR: true, showTimeline: false} showImportHar: to show/hide import button and modal, showTimeline: to show/hide top timeline of requests
scrollRequestPosition String near before, after, near to find and highlight network request by timestamp,
near: find request near to timestamp
before: find request exactBefore the timestamp
after: find request exactAfter the timestamp
scrollTimeStamp Number null Find and highlight network request by timestamp




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