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Wrap making restlet call to execute a generic search in netsuite.


Node module wrapping making restlet call to execute a saved search in netsuite.

npm install netsuite-search

Set up a restlet in netsuite that can generically invoke a search.

see examples/generic_search_restlet.js

Once this restlet is deployed, make a note of the External URL in the deployment. Example:

Create a settings.js somewhere with your netsuite credentials and restlet url

module.exports = {
  netsuite: {
    account: "1234567",
    email: "mynetsuiteaccount@here.tld",
    password: "p4ssw0rd",
    role: "3",
    restlet: ""

Check out some of the examples in the examples directory.

var settings = require('./settings');
var search = require('../lib/netsuite-search')(settings);
function onFailure(err) {
  process.stderr.write("Fail boat: " + err.message + "\n");
var filters = [
  ['itemid', null, 'haskeywords', 'CP7942']
var columns = ['itemid', 'custitem_onlinesku', 'custitem_productdesc'];
// This will try the cached version first, if not there will run and then cache'item', filters, columns, function (err, results) {
  if (err) onFailure(err);