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Node module wrapping making restlet call to execute a saved search in netsuite.


npm install netsuite-saved-search


Set up a restlet in netsuite that can generically invoke a saved search.

function executeSavedSearch(options) {
  if ( !options.searchId ) {
    return { error: 'Must provide the searchId of the saved search', options: options };
  return nlapiSearchRecord(null, options.searchId, null, null);

NOTE: the above can run into the 1000 record limit with netsuite. An alternative script to use is something like this:

function executeSavedSearch(options) {
  if ( !options.searchId ) {
    return { error: 'Must provide the searchId of the saved search', options: options };
  var SLICE_LIMIT = 1000;
  var search = nlapiLoadSearch(null, options.searchId);
  var resultset = search.runSearch();
  var results = [];
  var index = 0;
  do {
    var subset = resultset.getResults(index, index+1000);
    if ( !subset ) break;
    subset.forEach( function (row) {
  } while (subset.length === SLICE_LIMIT);
  return results;

Once this restlet is deployed, make a note of the External URL in the deployment. Example:


Create a settings.js somewhere with your netsuite credentials and restlet url

Required netsuite settings

module.exports = {
  netsuite: {
    account: "1234567",
    email: "mynetsuiteaccount@here.tld",
    password: "p4ssw0rd",
    role: "3",
    restlet: ""

Redis Options

If you don't want to use the standard redisClient settings, you can add a redis option to the options:

module.exports = {
  netsuite: {
  redis: {
     host: 'a.b.c.d',
     port: 90210,
     cachePrefix: "blah:"


Check out some of the examples in the examples directory.

var settings = require('./config/settings');
var search = require('netsuite-saved-search')(settings);
// This will try the cached version first, if not there will run and then cache 
search.fetch('customsearch_upinhere', function (err, results) {
  if (err) onFailure(err);

Cache Refresh

If you want to force a refresh of the cached results, pass in the options { forceRefresh: true}

search.fetch('customsearch_upinhere', { forceRefresh: true }, function (err, results) {...


An array of filters can be passed into the netsuite saved search:

var filters = [
  ['modified', null, 'onOrAfter', '1/30/2014 12:00 am']
search.fetch(searchId, { forceRefresh: true, filters: filters },


  • Add optional EXPIRE times to the redis keys