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A simple js wrapper for the netstat daemon.

Allows you to output network statistics in real-time through stdout or via a socketio server.

Output is available in json or as raw stdout lines.


$ npm install netstat --save

Note: you will need node and npm installed first.

The easiest way to install node.js is with by executing [sudo] ./ usemain 0.10

You will need netstat installed, this is not a replacement for netstat; just a wrapper. On most unix-like systems it should be provided by default by the net-tools package.

Getting data from netstat

var netstat = require('netstat');
netstat.on( 'stdout', function( data ){
    JSON.stringify( netstat.parse( data ), null, 2 ) + '\n'
netstat.on( 'stderr', function( err ) {
  process.stderr.write( err );

Example output:

    "Proto": "tcp",
    "Recv-Q": "0",
    "Send-Q": "0",
    "Local-Address": "",
    "Foreign-Address": "",
    "State": "ESTABLISHED",
    "User": "1000",
    "Inode": "151487",
    "PID/Program-name": "9738/spotify"
    "Proto": "tcp",
    "Recv-Q": "0",
    "Send-Q": "0",
    "Local-Address": "",
    "Foreign-Address": "",
    "State": "ESTABLISHED",
    "User": "1000",
    "Inode": "152049",
    "PID/Program-name": "9738/spotify"

Binary version

You can install netstatjs globally by executing [sudo] npm install -g netstat

If you installed locally then you can execute it like this ./node_modules/netstatjs/bin/netstatjs --help

The binary version has a few nice features like daemonizing & sending json stats to stdout or via socketio.

peter@edgy:/var/www$ netstatjs --help
  Usage: netstatjs [options]
    -h, --help             output usage information
    -V, --version          output the version number
    -s, --socketio [port]  bind socketio to port and stream stats in json
    -j, --json [indent]    pipe json stats to stdout/stderr
    -r, --raw              pipe raw stats to stdout/stderr


More examples can be found in /bin/command/*.


This module is usable but not yet feature rich, netstat provides heaps more cool features that are not yet supported. Please star, fork and pull request if you find this useful.


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