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Netlify Plugin for Formspree

This plugin automatically deploys forms configured in your formspree.json file using the Formspree CLI during the Netlify pre-build phase. For more help, please checkout these resources:


Before installing, please create a new CLI project in the Formspree dashboard. Once created, you'll see a Project ID and a Deploy Key. You'll need these later when configuring your plugin, and creating your form.

For more information about creating CLI projects, please see the Formspree docs on creating a project.

Configuration via the Netlify UI

The netlify-plugin-formspree plugin can be found in the netlify build plugins directory.

Go to to install the plugin into one of your sites, or you can navigate to your site's settings -> plugins.

Configuration via netlify.toml

First add the plugin to your project's package.json devDependencies:

npm install --save-dev netlify-plugin-formspree

// or 

yarn add -D netlify-plugin-formspree

Then, in your netlify.toml file include the formspree plugin:

  package = "netlify-plugin-formspree"

Once the plugin is installed, if there is a formspree.json file in your project root, it will run formspree deploy during your pre-build phase.

Environment Variables

At a minimum you'll need a FORMSPREE_DEPLOY_KEY environment variable populated with your project's deploy key. The deploy key was displayed when your project was first created. It can also be found under your project’s “Settings” tab in Formspree.

3rd party plugins can be configured to accept API keys via environment variables. See the docs on environment variables, and continuous deployment.

Adding endpoints with formspree.json

Creating forms with the Formspree CLI is accomplished by editing the formspree.json file. This file contains a list of form keys and associated configurations. Here is an example of a newsletter opt-in form configuration that signs up subscribers to a Mailchimp list:

  "forms": {
    "signupForm": {
      "name": "Sign-Up Form",
      "actions": [{ 
        "app": "mailchimp", 
        "type": "addOrUpdateContact", 

For a more in-depth explanation of the various configuration options see the formspree.json reference here: The formspree.json File

For a list of actions that can be added to your forms, check out the articles within the docs section on the Formspree CLI.

Setting up your forms in React

First you'll need to install the formspree-react library.

npm install @formspree/react

Then import FormspreeProvider and put it near the top of your component hierarchy, wrapping your forms. Supply the FormspreeProvider with your project ID obtained above.

For example, if you are using Next.js, here's what a top-level _app.js file might look like:

import { FormspreeProvider } from '@formspree/react';

function App({ Component, pageProps }) {
  return (
    <FormspreeProvider project="YOUR_PROJECT_ID">
      <Component {...pageProps} />
export default App;

Next, set up your forms to use the useForm hook. It surfaces functions to handle form submissions, and manage form state.

Initialize the form in React by calling useForm and passing the form key you used in the formspree.json file.

const [state, handleSubmit] = useForm('{form-key}');

Here's and example of what a form component might look like for the signupForm endpoint we created above:

import { useForm } from '@formspree/react';

function SignupForm() {
  const [state, handleSubmit] = useForm('signupForm');
  if (state.succeeded) {
    return <div>Thank you for signing up!</div>;
  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
      <label htmlFor="email">Email</label>
      <input id="email" type="email" name="email" />
      <button type="submit" disabled={state.submitting}>Sign up</button>

For more information about creating forms with React see the article on the Formspree React Library.


You can see the formspree CLI in action, including an event signup form, including built-in Discord notifications below:


npm i netlify-plugin-formspree

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