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Netlify Plugin Chromium

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🤖 Netlify Build Plugin for adding Chromium to Netlify CI/CD pipeline.


This is Netlify Build Plugin. It is meant to be used in projects connected to Netlify CI/CD pipeline. Netlify Build Plugins are currently opt-in BETA feature. Learn how to enable them for your project here.

This plugin hooks into installation stage of the build process and extends it with additional step which checks if Chromium is installed and installs Chromium binaries if needed. The latest suitable build of Chromium for your platform will be installed with the help of chromium npm package. Installation typically takes around 20-30 seconds.

⚠️ Important: By default, this plugin modifies value of environment variable CHROME_PATH. Read more »



First, install this package from NPM as a dependency in your project:

npm install --save-dev netlify-plugin-chromium

(Alternatively, download its source code from GitHub.)

Then, add it to your Netlify configuration file:

  package: netlify-plugin-chromium



Name Type Description Default value
packageManager npm | yarn Package manager to install Chromium with; npm or yarn. npm
setChromePathInEnv boolean If true, sets value of environment variable CHROME_PATH to location of local copy of Chromium binaries. This change is required by many tools relying on Chromium to be able to find it and launch it successfully (such as Lighthouse). true
failBuildOnError boolean If true and Chromium installation finished with failure, whole build will fail. Otherwise, only this plugin fails and the rest of the build proceeds as usual. false


  package: netlify-plugin-chromium
      packageManager: yarn
      setChromePathInEnv: false
      failBuildOnError: true


This plugin will generate output in your build logs similar to this:

10:50:12 PM: ┌────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐
10:50:12 PM: │ 1. onPreBuild command from netlify-plugin-chromium │
10:50:12 PM: └────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘
10:50:12 PM: ​
10:50:12 PM: [NetlifyChromiumPlugin]: Installing Chromium with settings: {"packageManager":"npm","setChromePathInEnv":true,"failBuildOnError":false}
10:50:12 PM: [NetlifyChromiumPlugin]: Chromium is not available, attempting to download
10:50:27 PM: > chromium@2.1.2 postinstall /opt/build/repo/node_modules/chromium
10:50:27 PM: > node install.js
10:50:27 PM: Step 1. Retrieving Chromium latest revision number
10:50:27 PM: Step 2. Downloading Chromium (this might take a while). Revision number: 764388
10:50:29 PM: Step 3. Setting up Chromium binaries
10:50:36 PM: Process is successfully finished
10:50:39 PM: + chromium@2.1.2
10:50:39 PM: added 10 packages from 9 contributors and audited 255724 packages in 26.368s
10:50:40 PM: 53 packages are looking for funding
10:50:40 PM:   run `npm fund` for details
10:50:40 PM: found 0 vulnerabilities
10:50:40 PM: [NetlifyChromiumPlugin]: Setting environment variable CHROME_PATH to /opt/build/repo/node_modules/chromium/lib/chromium/chrome-linux/chrome
10:50:40 PM: [NetlifyChromiumPlugin]: Chromium installation finished with SUCCESS (path: /opt/build/repo/node_modules/chromium/lib/chromium/chrome-linux/chrome)
10:50:40 PM: ​
10:50:40 PM: (netlify-plugin-chromium onPreBuild completed in 28.4s)

Modification of environment variables

By default, this plugin sets value of environment variable CHROME_PATH to location of local copy of Chromium binaries. This change is required by many tools relying on Chromium to be able to find it and launch it successfully (such as Lighthouse). However, you can opt out of this change by setting setChromePathInEnv parameter to false.

(In that case it is likely that you'd like to set this variable by yourself. Path to Chromium is exposed in build logs. Chromium is installed separately with each build, but typically it should be at the same location. You can take it from build logs, set it manually, disable setChromePathInEnv parameter, re-run the build, and expect it to work properly.)

Usage examples


  • write functional tests with ChromeLauncher (especially getInstallations method)

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