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Dareboost Netlify Build Plugin

You need a Dareboost plan to enjoy this plugin

This plugin use the Dareboost API to react to a successful build.

If your plan contains monitoring: adds a Dareboost event on the page and/or User Journey monitors you have defined

If your plan contains API credits: launches analysis you have configured in your netlify.toml file.

Minimal usage (global event)

  1. Install the plugin:

    npm i netlify-build-plugin-dareboost
  2. Add the plugin declaration to your netlify.toml configuration file.

    package = "netlify-build-plugin-dareboost"
  3. Get your Dareboost API authentication token and save it in an environment variable called DAREBOOST_API_TOKEN (under Settings > Build & deploy > Environment > Environment variables). Please read Netlify's documentation about environment variables. Your API token must be kept private.

[Optional] Create an event specific to certain monitors

If you want your Dareboost event to be related to specific monitors, you can add some configuration using the Netlify Plugins inputs:

  • monitoringIds: The ids of the page monitors relevant to the build, separated by a coma.
  • scenarioIds: The ids of the User Journey monitors relevant to the build, separated by a coma.


package = "netlify-build-plugin-dareboost"

  monitoringIds = "7134"
  scenarioIds = "121, 122"

If neither monitoringIds nor scenarioIds are defined, the event will be considered global.

[Optional] Launch analyses if the build is successful

If you want the plugin to automatically launch analyses when the build is successful, you can define multiple analyses configurations.

Beware: the analyses will be launched simultaneously. Make sure that your subscription supports this, otherwise just define one configuration.

Example (will consume 2 API credits):

package = "netlify-build-plugin-dareboost"


    url = ""
    lang = "en"
    location = "San Jose"
    isPrivate = "true"
    visualMetrics = "true"

      name = "Chrome"

Find more information on the multiple parameters and the API quotas in the Dareboost API documentation (route "/analysis/launch").

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