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    A node wrapper for the Netcup CCP API.

    Current support

    • only JSON Rest API, no SOAP yet
    • auto auth handling with support to use custom auth handling
    • functions
      • login
      • infoDnsZone
      • infoDnsRecord
      • updateDnsRecords
      • updateDnsRecordWithCurrentIp to set the current public ip as destination. Works with ipv4 and ipv6. Default updates ipv4 only. Set parameter useIpv6Only to true to update ipv6 only. Set parameter useIpv4AndIpv6 to true to update both ipv4 and ipv6. NOTE: Uses public-ip package to get the current public ip.
    • error handling: on any response that isn't 2000 from Netcup, an error with the longmessage from Netcup is thrown

    Getting started


    npm install --save netcup-node


    You will also need three things from Netcup CCP:

    • apikey
    • apipassword
    • customernumber

    After logging in to Netcup CCP, navigate to Stammdaten and create the key/password there. The customernumber is next to your name at the top of the CCP.


    The default exported NetcupApi is a wrapper around the actual api. It handles authentication and passes parameters to the implemented api.

    import NetcupApi from 'netcup-node';
    const api = await new Netcup().init({
      apikey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
      apipassword: 'YOUR_API_PASSWORD',
      customernumber: 'YOUR_CUSTOMER_NUMBER',
    const dnsInfo = await api.infoDnsZone({ domainname: 'YOUR.DOMAIN' });

    If you prefer, you can use the NetcupRestApi directly, without using the integrated authentication state handling from the default exported NetcupApi.

    import { NetcupRestApi } from 'netcup-node';
    const api = new NetcupRestApi();
    const authResponse = await api.login({
      apikey: '',
      apipassword: '',
      customernumber: '',
    const dnsRecords = await api.infoDnsRecords({
      apisessionid: authResponse.responsedata.apisessionid,
      apikey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
      customernumber: 'YOUR_CUSTOMER_NUMBER',
      domainname: 'YOUR.DOMAIN',


    npm i netcup-node

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