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node.js REPL server/client over sockets that support autocomplete and colors.

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npm install net-repl

Quick Example

Creating a server

var repl = require('net-repl');
var srv = repl.createServer(opts).listen('repl.sock');

Adding shortcut for connecting to repl on your application

opts accepts all the options that are accepted by repl.start

Add the following to your package.json

"scripts": {
	"test": "jasmine-node spec",
	"repl": "./node_modules/.bin/repl-client repl.sock"

To connect run

$ npm run repl

The Server

var repl = require('net-repl');

var options = {
	prompt: 'foo> ', //optional set a custom prompt
	deleteSocketOnStart: false //if you use UNIX socket and the application exits without running stop() the unix socket file will remain, this deletes the old socket file when you start the server.

var portOrPath = '/tmp/repl.sock';

//listen method
//@param  {String|Number} listen port number or path to UNIX socket.
//@param {String} [host] if omitted, the server will accept connections directed to any IPv4 address if you supplied a port number.
var srv = repl.createServer(options).listen(portOrPath);

The Client

Usage: repl-client <port|domain socket path> <address if port specified>


Unix domain socket
$ repl /tmp/repl.sock

Localhost on port
$ repl 1337

Specified host and port
$ repl 1337 localhost

Run Tests

npm install