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An implementation of the node.js net module that uses remote-events for socket communication.


This module makes working with sockets easier by utilizing the remote-events API for communicating between services using event listeners.


$ npm install net-emitter


net-emitter will make every effort to ensure passing all tests, and that all tests will be useful in both ensuring good, quality code coverage, as well as being useful as documentation. From the shell, simply run the following to run all of the tests:

$ npm test

The testing suite is based on the Test-Anything-Protocol (TAP), and utilizes the tap module.

Getting Started Example

Every software project provides a Hello, World example, and this project is not about to break that tradition. So without further interruption:

var NetEmitter = require('./lib/net-emitter');
    .createServer({port: 0, host: ''}, function(connection) {
        var server = this;
        console.log('>> Connection from %s:%s', connection.remoteAddress, connection.remotePort);
        connection.on('ping', function() {
            console.log('<< PING: %s:%s', connection.remoteAddress, connection.remotePort);
            setTimeout(this.emit.bind(this, 'pong'), 1000);
        }).on('close', function() {
            console.log('>> Good-bye, World!');
    }).listen(function() {
        console.log('>> Listening on %s:%s', this.localAddress, this.localPort);
        NetEmitter.createConnection({port: this.localPort, localAddress: this.localAddress}, function() {
            console.log('<< Connected to %s:%s', this.remoteAddress, this.remotePort);
            this.on('pong', function() {
                console.log('>> PONG: %s:%s', this.remoteAddress, this.remotePort);
                setTimeout(this.emit.bind(this, 'ping'), 1000);
            setTimeout(this.destroy.bind(this), 5000);