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Nestor Build Light

Nestor Build Light is a CLI for Jenkins build light notifier.

This is handy for monitoring Jenkins build status on a Delcom USB Visual Indicator device.


npm install -g nestor-buildlight


Monitor build status and notify build light device:

nestor-buildlight run

Monitor build status of a job:

nestor-buildlight run --job <job>

Monitor build status of a view with custom usbled path:

nestor-buildlight run --view <view> --usbled /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbled/2-1.5:1.0

For build light with non-RGB colour scheme, specify custom colour scheme:

nestor-buildlight run --scheme red,green,yellow

To customise status-colour map:

nestor-buildlight run --scheme red,blue,yellow --map FAIL=yellow,OK=blue,WARN=red

If your team keeps ignoring failure notifications, you can blink the build light on failure (WARNING: this will annoy your team, and someone will either go berserk or fix the build a.s.a.p):

nestor-buildlight run --blink-on-failure


Set Jenkins URL in JENKINS_URL environment variable (defaults to http://localhost:8080):


export JENKINS_URL=http://user:pass@host:port/path


set JENKINS_URL=http://user:pass@host:port/path

As an alternative to password, you can use Jenkins API token instead. Jenkins API token can be found on Jenkins user configuration page.


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