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    A plugin for nesh that lets you yield async values in the REPL

    If you do normal REPL things, everything should work the same as before. But if you type yield into the REPL, then this plugin will cause that line to be evaluated wrapped by co, so you can get the value back synchronously.

    We use esprima to parse the input to tell the difference between regular inputs that don't need to be transformed and those that do, and we will also rewrite the yield cases that we wrap in a function to include a return at the end if you end with an ExpressionStatement so that you don't have to type return yield all the time to get values back!

    This plugin also does a few other things for your convenience.

    • It changes the prompt to have a * in it so you know its enabled
    • It includes instapromise so you can do work easily with traditional Node-style async functions that use callbacks
    • It puts a custom util.log inspect function in place on Promises so that they show up as something more useful than '{}'


    npm i nesh-co

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