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Node EVE Online API Wrapper with promises


_N_ode.js _E_VE _O_nline API _W_rapper for the modern days - Promises, CoffeeScript, Tests, Caching, etc.

NEOW tries to be the best EVE Online and EVE-Central API wrapper available for Node.js. In contrast to hamster.js, NEOW can parse nested <rowset> elements such as found in the eve/SkillTree.xml.aspx API without returning garbled/partial results. It also includes support for parsing eve-central market data.

  • Access all of the EVE API
  • Access the EVE Central API
  • Memory and Disk Caching
  • Formatters for skill levels, ISK values, etc.
  • Unit tested
  • Examples included
npm install neow
neow = require('neow');

client = new neow.EveClient({
	keyID: '1234567',
	vCode: 'nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan'

		for(characterID in result.characters) {
neow = require 'neow'

client = new neow.EveClient
	keyID: '1234567'
	vCode: 'nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan'

	.then (result) ->
		for characterID, character of result.characters
			console.log character