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The Neon Command-Line Tool

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Automatically create and build Neon modules.


Getting started

Install neon-cli as a global package:

npm install -g neon-cli

To create a new Neon project, use neon new:

neon new my-project

This will ask you a few questions and then generate a project skeleton for you. Follow the instructions from there to build and run your project!


See the Neon README.


neon new

Creates a new Neon project skeleton.

neon new <name> [--rust|-r <toolchain>]

The name is the project name and the name of the subdirectory of the current working directory that will be created.

The optional --rust parameter allows specifying a custom toolchain (stable or nightly) to use for building the project with multirust instead of the system default Rust installation.

Get Involved

The Neon community is just getting started and there's tons of fun to be had. Come play! :)

The Rust Bindings community Slack is open to all; use the Slackin app to receive an invitation.