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Object Modeler for Neo4j Graphdatabases

Written in JavaScript for browser- and serverside usage

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Documentation and Examples

See for Documentation and Examples

Try Neo4jMapper against a neo4j-demo-instance via a coffeesript-console


  $ npm install neo4jmapper


  $ npm test

Beware that a lot of nodes will be written and kept in your database, so avoid running any of these tests + examples on productive instances.

Usage and Testing in Browser

Neo4jMapper is available in modern Browsers (except the streaming feature), but still experimental. npm run compress will generate a browser-compatible js file. Checkout the tests in the browser by running npm run prepare and finally open the testfile examples/browser/tests.html. To avoid access-control-allow-origin situation ensure that there is no domain mismatch between html file and requested database.


  • implement: index relationship
  • implement: stream feature for browser-side-usage
  • move from restful api to cypher queries if possible (to reduce api dependencies)
  • complete documentation
  • cleanup redundant tests
  • dox (markdown and jsdoc flavoured) sourcecode documentation
  • use parameter-values by default for all statement segments that are generated

Tested against:

  • Neo4j v2
  • Node 0.8 - 0.11 see Travis CI
  • Chrome (v22+) and Safari (v7+)


© 2013 by Philipp Staender under the GNU General Public License See in LICENSE file for further details.