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    2.6.6 • Public • Published

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    2.6.6 @ 2021-07-29

    • FIX: Changing datatype from num[] to int[] would sometimes not work correctly

    2.6.5 @ 2021-03-30

    • FIX: Properties Filter: ENTER key must not submit form, X clears filter
    • FIX: Filter: Query input now max 7 lines tall

    2.6.4 @ 2021-03-24

    • NEW: Search can result in multiple nodes per row and opened/added at once
    • NEW: Search Result now supports pagination, shows when a few pages are loaded and loads the rest in the background (performance!)
    • NEW: Properties Editor shows value previews (performance!). Values can be edited in editor dialogs (text/code, calculator, array)
    • NEW: Properties Filter to quickly filter for relevant properties (auto-complete)
    • NEW: Auto-Reload from DB (PRO version)
    • NEW: Relationships Filter now supports NOT queries (like !TYPE for all relations NOT of a certain TYPE)
    • NEW: Relationships Filter is now auto-complete field showing all relation-types available on the node
    • NEW: Relationships "AND MORE" is now a button to load 10 more
    • NEW: CQL Buttons in several places to copy handy Cypher statements to the system clipboard
    • Many other minor improvements/fixes

    2.5.4 @ 2020-12-12

    • NEW: empty input for temporal datatypes calls temporal function without parameter (e.g. localdatetime() => current timestamp)
    • NEW: set toolbar color in preferences, e.g. #F00 (=red) for production DB as a visual warning
    • NEW: force Light/Dark Mode or use OS preference

    2.5.2 @ 2020-11-09

    2.4.2 @ 2020-10-30

    • Performance: Refactored Main Menu, Export, Preferences, Fullscreen Text/Code Editor, Calculator
    • Fix: Checkboxes for boolean values sometimes did not initialize correctly

    2.4.0 @ 2020-10-23

    • NEW in Texteditor: Syntax Highlighting for Markup (HTML, XML), Markdown, Velocity (Apache Template Enging), Cypher and JSON
    • Fix: N2Neo4j.dbId wasn't set correclty if APOC wasn't installed, could lead to not working Export / Query History
    • Lib Updates

    2.3.0 @ 2020-10-09

    • NEW JSON + Cypher Export feature based on APOC export procedures including additional options (Format, Optimization, Separate, ...) see for details and demo video
    • NEW Help system and quick tips integrated in numerous places of the UI linking to the new and improved online help pages

    2.2.10 @ 2020-10-02

    • fixes and updated libs

    2.2.8 @ 2020-08-25

    2.2.0 @ 2020-08-08

    2.1.0 @ 2020-07-01

    • Pan editors view using middle-mouse-button in neo4j Desktop
    • Unknown datatype of empty arrays => show error on save
    • Lib Updates

    2.0.22 @ 2020-06-10

    2.0.20 @ 2020-06-06

    • Cypher Export
    • Rebranded to "neo4j Commander"

    2.0.18 @ 2020-06-04

    • Open shortest path of not-directly-connected nodes
    • Filter relationships by ID of relationship or connected node
    • Filter relationships by Cypher query
    • Clone node
    • Show total count of query result
    • Improved UI of query result
    • 1st build + tgz package + npm package for use as a GraphApp in neo4j Desktop

    2.0.16 @ 2020-06-02

    1st public version

    • View nodes and relationships and all of their data
    • Edit labels and properties of nodes and relationships
    • Create and delete relationships
    • Use and convert between all the datatypes of neo4j including temporal and spatial types as well as arrays
    • Built in calculator for numerical values to evaluate Javacript and Cypher
    • Full-screen multi-line text editor for large text values
    • Complete UNDO history for all operations including label and property changes of nodes and relations and node and relationship deletion!
    • Query history
    • Bookmarks: for editor setups you need frequently
    • Preferences: to set your favorite labels and properties to keep a clear view on your data


    npm i neo4jcommander

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