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Nemo plugin which uses selenium-webdriver to take a screenshot

Register as "screenshot" (see below)

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  • Lists nemo@^1.0.4 as a peerDependency


  • npm install --save-dev nemo-screenshot@^v1.0.0
  • Add this to your Nemo plugins configuration (adjust arguments according to where you want screenshots to be saved):
plugins: {
  screenshot: {
    module: 'nemo-screenshot',
    arguments: [reportPath {String}[, eventArray {Array}]]
  /* other plugins */
driver: {
  // driver props

The plugin takes as argument the path to save the screenshots and an optional eventsArray. The events array can have one or more of the following elements.

  • "click" - Takes a screenshot everytime the user performs a click
  • "exception" - Takes a screenshot when an exception occurs



  • @argument filename {String} will save <report directory>/filename.png to the filesystem
  • @returns {Promise} resolves to a JSON object:
  "imageName": "myImage.png",
  "imagePath": "/path/to/image/"
  // this will be included optionally if Jenkins environment variables are present
  // "imageUrl": "jenkinsURL",
  // "archivedImageUrl": "jenkinsURL"


This is a convenience wrapper around screenshot.snap which can accept a callback, e.g. a mocha done method

  • @argument filename {String} will save <report directory>/filename.png to the filesystem
  • @argument done {Function} errback function to execute after screenshot is saved (or if there is an error saving screenshot)
  • @argument err {Error} (optional) error associated with screenshot. image information will be attached to this error's stack trace for reporting purposes

Usage example:

  it('will do some stuff then take a screenshot', function (done) {
    nemo.somePlugin.someAction().then(function() {
      // success!
      nemo.screenshot.done('success', done);
    }, function (err) {
      // failure!
      nemo.screenshot.done('success', done, err);


If set, the test title will be used as the screenshot filename when an exception occurs. Default screenshot filename is ScreenShot_onException-[process_id]-[timestamp].png, which is not easy to identify the failing test case.

  • @argument testTitle {String} current test title