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    Universal Platform

    Platform Code Views Styling Custom bindings Custom styling
    iOS JavaScript XML NML Swift / ObjC UIKit
    Android Java / C android.view
    OSX Swift / ObjC Cocoa
    Browser JavaScript HTML & CSS
    Browser WebGL Pixi.js

    NML - Neft Marked Language - Simple language used to describe styles, bindings and animations with native controls.

    What Neft does?

    1. Runs your JavaScript code on different platfoms.
    2. Renders basic elements and native views through extensions.
    3. Supports communication with native code.
    4. Allows to write component-based views in XML and JavaScript.
    5. Provides styling engine.

    What Neft does NOT?

    1. Supports browser APIs. Neft is not a browser.
    2. Understands CSS. Neft has his own styling engine. CSS is too complex to implement on all native platforms. Instead you have more dynamic language but with less functionalities.


    • Node >= 0.11.14,
    • Browsers (HTML5 or WebGL) IE >= 10,
    • Android >= 4.0.0,
    • iOS >= 8.0.

    Why Neft?

    One code for all

    Share code between a truly native application, website and a server. Neft uses high-level abstraction easily portable between different platforms.

    Virtual DOM

    DOM model powers native apps and websites in a better logic abstraction. Neft also renders on a server.

    Abstract styles

    CSS alternative for more dynamic and cross-platform apps. Automatically synchronized with DOM. With native elements.


    npm install -g neft

    First app

    neft create MyApp
    cd MyApp
    neft run node html --watch

    ... and play with MyApp/views/index.html.

    Android native app

    Specify your Android SDK path in local.json and run:

    neft run android --watch

    iOS native app

    Download XCode (8.1 or newer) on your Mac computer and run:

    neft run ios --watch

    No examples, tutorials, bad docs quality

    You can help with making Neft brilliant. Contribute.

    Always create an issue if something doesn't work or can be improved.

    Neft is ours ;)


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