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A standalone annotation based dependency injection framework

Declaring Class Dependencies

Tag properties for injection with @inject(providerName : string)

class XWing {
  @inject('pilot') public pilot : Pilot;
  @inject('lasers') public lasers : Array<LaserCannon>;
  @inject('engines') public engines : Array<Engine>;
  @inject('warheads') public warheads : Array<Warhead>;

Registering Providers

An injection is only resolved when something can provide a value for it. A provider's job is to 'provide' a value for an injection. This can happen synchronously or asynchronously.

Synchronous Providers

A provider can be registered synchronously via Injector.provider(providerName : string, implementation : any);. for example, to synchronously provide engines in the above example we could write:

  Injector.provide("engines", [ 
    new SmallFighterEngine(), 
    new SmallFighterEngine(),
    new SmallFighterEngine(),
    new SmallFighterEngine()

However, the order that the injection and the provider it is looking for are declared in does not matter, the injection wont resolve until the provider has resolved.

Asynchronous Providers

A provider can also be registered asynchronously, for example you may have a provider that needs to make an http call before it can provide a value to be injected. Heres how that works:

Injector.provideAsync('warheads', function() {
  return new Promise(function(resolve : ResolveFn) {
    http.get('api/warheads/xwing').then(function(warheads : Array<Warhead>) {
Providers with Dependencies

Often you will want a provider to depend on other providers. This works in much the same way as the @inject annotation in that the implementation funciton won't run until all dependencies for your provider are resolved. (Note that if you have any dependency cycles you will get an exception)

//provide a blue laser color
Injector.provide('', new Color(0, 0, 255));
//provide a set of lasers using the blue color, this provider wont run its function until `` has resolved.
//note that the function arguments map ordinally to the array of provider names
Injector.provideAsync('lasers', [''], function(color : LaserColor) {
  //this is not a promise, but it could be if you want it to
  return [new Laser(color), new Laser(color), new Laser(color), new Laser(color)];

Creating Instances

To create an instance of class that you have @inject annotations on, use Injector.create(type : typeof Type) : Promise<Type>

//using XWing class from above
Injector.create(XWing).then(function(fighter : XWing) {
  expect(fighter instanceof XWing).toBe(true);

Injecting Dependencies

If you already have an instance of something you can re-inject dependencies with

Injector.injectDependencies<T>(instance : T) : Promise<T>


Mocks provide a way to swap out dependencies for testing or development. Before we defined a warheads provider that makes an http call to get a list of warheads to add to our XWing. When testing we may want to mock that call out. We can do so by using Injector.mock(providerName : string, mockName : string, implementation : any)

  Injector.mock('warheads', 'mockedWarheads', [new Torpedo(), new Torpedo()])

we can then apply this mock with Injector.useMock('warheads', 'mockedWarheads'). Now anytime we inject warheads we get our mocked array back, not the server response.

We can revert to the actual implementation with Injector.useActual(providerName : string)


Both create and injectDependencies can take an optional override object.

  Injector.provide('warheads', [new Torpedo(), new Torpedo()]);
  //override warheads provider to return concussion missiles instead
  Injector.create(XWing, {warheads: [new ConcussionMissile(), new ConcussionMissile()]}).then(function(fighter : XWing) {
    expect(fighter.warheads[0] instanceof ConcussionMissile).toBeTruthy();
  Injector.create(XWing).then(function(fighter) {
    expect(fighter.warheads[0] instanceof Torpedo).toBeTruthy();




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