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NEAR Units

TypeScript/JavaScript tools to help parse and format NEAR units. For now, this means NEAR tokens and gas units.


npm i --save near-units

Or using Yarn:

yarn add near-units

Parsing strings

import { NEAR, Gas, parse } from 'near-units';

const near = NEAR.parse('1.25 mN');
console.log(near.toHuman()); // 1.25 mN

const gas = Gas.parse('1 Tgas');
console.log(gas.toHuman()); // 1 Tgas

// equivalent to the above, but TS typings might not be as helpful
const near = parse('1.25 mN');
const gas = parse('1 Tgas');

See __tests__ for a full list of examples of inputs that can be parsed and the human-readable version that can be returned by toHuman.

Doing math

NEAR and Gas both wrap BN from bn.js, so you can perform any math with them that you need:

import { NEAR } from 'near-units';

const amount1 = NEAR.parse('100');
const amount2 = NEAR.parse('0.5');
const amount3 = amount1.mul(amount2);

See the bn.js docs for all possible operations.


Since they wrap BN, they can be passed directly to function calls with near-api-js or near-runner:

// with an Account object from near-api-js
  contractId: 'example.near',
  methodName: 'do_something',
  args: { param1: 'whatever' },
  gas: Gas.parse('50,000,000,000,000'),
  attachedDeposit: NEAR.parse('1'),

// with an Account object from near-runner
  { param1: 'whatever' },
    gas: Gas.parse('50,000,000,000,000'),
    attachedDeposit: NEAR.parse('1'),

NEAR and Gas also both override toJSON to get to a string version that can be passed as an argument to near-cli and in other contexts.


This package ships with a minimal CLI:

npm i -g near-units

Now you can near-units --help:

Parse and format NEAR tokens and gas units. Examples:

    near-units 10 N # => 10000000000000000000000000
    near-units -h 10000000000000000000000000 yN # => 10 N
    near-units 50 Tgas # => 50000000000000
    near-units -h 50000000000000 gas # => 50 Tgas

You can use it anywhere near units are accepted. For example, on macOS & Linux, you can:

near call $LOCKUP transfer '{
  "receiver_id": "example.near",
  "amount": "'$(near-units 1N)'"
}' --accountId=$ACCOUNT --gas=$(near-units 50Tgas)




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