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Nobody Edits Bot API

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Requires Node.js 12.0+

Early alpha. Hopefully no API breaks... Not every functionality is implemented right now. Cool idea for future: hook events such as activating keys and let the bot completely control those actions.

Documentation still TODO. Feel free to open a PR. You can check the available methods by reading the code right now. Be sure to check out the example, it shows most of the functionality.

Beware, there are probably bugs. Physics are not being processed right now.

Important: Never use hardcoded IDs for backgrounds & foregrounds etc., they might change in the future.


Events will fire before the change is applied to the objects if appropriate. This enables reading both new and old state.

Event name Arguments Description
bot:kick message Your bot got kicked by the server. Can happen for example by deleting the API key.
bot:disconnect Your bot got disconnected from the server.
player:coin:gold|blue:got|lost player, new coin count A player got/lost a gold/blue coin.
player:chat player, message A player sends a chat message.
player:die player A player died.
player:joined player A player joined the room.
player:jump player A player jumps.
player:​key:activate player, which key A player activated a key. Example key parameter: "red key".
player:left player A player left the room.
player:move x, y, x dir, y dir, x spd, y spd A player updated the moe state.
player:togglegod player A player enabled/disabled god mode.
player:tp:toplayer player, destination player A player got teleported to another player.
player:reset player, x, y A player got reset and teleported to (x, y) (pixel coordinates).
player:respawn player, x, y A player respawned at (x, y) (pixel coordinates).
room:bg player, x, y, bg object A player placed a background block at (x, y) (tile coordinates).
room:fg player, x, y, fg object A player placed a foreground block at (x, y) (tile coordinates).
room:data player, x, y, data A player changed data of block at (x, y) (tile coordinates).
room:goldcrown player The gold crown changed owner. Player may be null if no one owns the gold crown.
room:name new name The room name was changed.
room:code new code The room code was changed.
room:category new category The room category was changed.
room:visible new lobby visibility value The room lobby visibility was changed.
room:autoSave new auto-save setting The room auto-save setting was changed.
room:allowSpectate new allow spectate setting The room allow spectate setting was changed.
room:allowParticleActions new allow particle actions setting The room allow particle actions setting was changed.
room:plays plays The amount of plays of the room got updated.
room:​key:deactivate which key A key got deactivated.
room:reset The room has been reset.
room:load The room has been reloaded from save.
room:save autosaved The room was saved. The argument is true if the save was triggered by autosave.
system:chat message The system sends a chat message.


Why JS and no other language?! >:(

Because NE is completely JS so it fit well. It's also easy to pick up. Feel free to write a port to another language.

Why no docs?

No time. Atm the code is the documentation. Feel free to write some docs and create a PR.




npm i ne-bot-api

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