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Code for cropping and padding n-dimensional images.


Via npm:

npm install ndimage-resize


Here is how to resize a 3D array:

var volume = [[[1]]];
var resized = require("ndimage-resize")([3,3,3], volume);

Now resized will be a volume which is 3x3x3, padded with 0s.

require("ndimage-resize")(dims, image[, result])

Resizes the image image to dims by cropping or padding along each dimension independently. The result is stored in result if specified, otherwise a new array is created.

  • dims are the dimensions for the new image
  • image is the image to crop/pad
  • result gets the result. Must be size of dims. (optional)

Returns the resulting cropped/padded image.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License